Help! My equation has no solutions!

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April 3, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Smokin Billy's
61 St Mary's Butts
Reading RG1 2LG

Dr Rachel Newton presents “Help! My equation has no solution!”

Mathematicians like to solve equations. Number theorists are particularly interested in solutions that are whole numbers, like the 3,4,5 solution to Pythagoras’ equation. But sometimes we search and search and can’t find any solutions. This leads us to suspect that no solution exists. But how can we be sure? We can’t check all the numbers! In this talk, we will explore some techniques for proving non-existence of solutions, and discuss their limitations.

Rachel Newton is a lecturer in pure mathematics at the University of Reading. Her research focuses on rational solutions to polynomial equations, and reasons why these sometimes don’t exist. She studied undergraduate mathematics at Warwick and then went on to do her master’s and PhD at Cambridge. She held postdoctoral positions at Universiteit Leiden (the Netherlands), MPIM (Germany) and IHES (France), before moving to Reading in 2016.

Make a evening of it as Smokin’ Billy’s will be offering a 20% discount on food that is ordered before 7pm!

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