British Science Week 2015

It’s been nearly two months since Reading Science Week – part of British Science Week – and the branch has recouped from what was a very busy, fun and successful week.

We kicked off Reading Science Week this year with science busking on Broad St. in Reading centre. Despite the chilly weather, we entertained kids, adults, and even ourselves with live science demonstrations: we extracted DNA from strawberries, investigated strange solids with non-newtonian fluids, and got a few lessons on light and laser science.


Our enthusiastic volunteers engaged the crowd and handed out flyers inviting people to the week’s events. These events included Stargazing where families enjoyed talks by scientists and had the chance to observe Jupiter in our night’s sky, SciScreen’s (two!), public lectures at the University of Reading, Science Slam and more.


Cafe Scientifique, our regular science event, saw not one, but five scientists give a talk on genetic engineering. The young scientists were last year’s University of Reading’s iGEM team and gave a talk on their project involving genetically modifying bacteria to produce energy. The students each discussed the benefits of genetic modification in solving problems such as biofuel shortage, which stimulated a fantastic debate on this controversial subject!


All in all, this year’s Reading Science Week was a great success, and without our enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers it wouldn’t have been made possible, so a huge thanks to everyone who was involved!