Reading Cafe Sci talk Antibiotic Resistance, slides now available

As mentioned during October’s Reading Cafe Sci event, our speaker Dr John Broughall has kindly made available his slides for you all to access at your leisure.

You can download a pdf copy of the slides using this dropbox link: click here

The file size is 3.27 MB. PDF Adobe reader is available free here: click here

John was representing the charity Antibiotic Research UK

Here’s a reminder of John’s talk:

Monday 3rd October: Dr John Broughall presents “Antibiotic Resistance and its implications”

Dr. John Broughall will discuss the issue of why the antibiotic development pipeline has dried up: what are the problems and why the pharmaceutical industry is not investing in research and development to produce new compounds. Multi-drug antibiotic resistance has been recognised as a global threat to health yet the solutions to this issue are not obvious, the current commercially driven pharmaceutical process does not appear fit for purpose.John Broughall

The charity that John is representing, Antibiotic Research UK, is proposing a new approach to overcome this impasse, he will discuss their plans and the science behind their proposal.

John is a PhD microbiologist who has spent most of his career in the diagnostics industry including the development of rapid and automated methods for use in microbiology laboratories. Latterly he has worked in the medical departments of two major pharmaceutical companies focusing on both antibiotics and also new oncology compounds. He now runs his own consultancy business but is also a volunteer for Antibiotic Research UK.

Survey results from Chocolate and the neurobiology of depression

During the last CafeSci event on the 5th of December 2016 there were questionnaires waiting to be filled by the audience. This is part of our attempts to get to know more about the most important person of the event – the attendee. We did our best to keep the questionnaire short but useful. Without further ado, let’s move on to the results.


About 60 people attended the event of which 48 made the effort to fill in the questionnaire so we will focus on these 48 individuals.

Reading Science Week 2017 is coming

Many events are free, with highlights including:

Sci busking: extract DNA from strawberries or hold space rocks – live demos and discussion with scientists on Broad Street

Born To Sum: Famelab winner Kyle D Evans and his guitar take us on a comedic musical tour through unexpected parallels between maths and pop

Schrodinger’s Hat: improvised comedy troupe The Free Radicals present a special science-themed show where scientific research is reimagined as Alternative Fact!

Synergism: musical performance and lecture from Dr John Wilkinson and Keira Trench on the scientific development of botanical medicines inspired by the idea that sometimes 1 + 1 = 3

Café Sci: Dr Jena Meinecke explains her research on exploring the origins of the Universe with the biggest lasers in the world!

Pint of science: local brewers talk about the science of brewing!

Join science enthusiasts in Reading between March the 11th and 19th for our local celebration of British Science Week. The Reading Branch of the British Science Association brings you a stimulating line up of public discussions, science-inspired comedy and music, science busking and much more!

Our RSW team are proud to be hosting a wide variety of events open to everyone.Read more on British Science Association Reading

See here for full list of events and booking details: /reading-science-week/

Reading Cafe Sci summer series starts 5th April

Dates for your  diary:


5th April: Anthony Wilson talks about how insects spread viruses

3rd May: Carl Edwards talks about water flow and flooding

7th June: Jamie Sanson talks about how to think like a scientist

5th July: Keith Shine  talks about climate change


Smoking Billy’s Bar, 61 St Mary’s Butts, Reading

Doors open 6:30pm for 7:30pm finish.

30 min talk by our guest speaker (no slides or powerpoint) followed by open Q&A session. Be enthused, be inspired and join in the discussion!