How to clean MacBook Pro Keyboard

Keyboards are one of the most essential devices when it comes to using a computer. This shows us how many times in a day we use our keyboard without even knowing it so of course what we use we have to take care of it as well because if we don’t then it will just become filthier and filthier as we go. Because we’ve been there when we’re eating on our desk and after that we see bread crumbs etc. on the keyboard. No one wants that yeah! In this article today I’ll be talking about how to clean your MacBook Pro Keyboard.If you are not using mac and still want a pro level mechanical keyboard then getting TKL mechanical keyboard is advised by experts from here


  • So first thing’s first you have to shut down your laptop so that when you clean no keys are pressed unnecessarily.
  • Then clean the surface of the Keyboard. You can do this with a small sponge or a piece of a cloth but do it slowly and gently and be sure not to damage any keys.
  • Now if you really have to clean under the keys then do it otherwise don’t because it will take a lot of time and effort.
  • If you have to then what you have to do is think how you want to do this!
  • I would suggest that take the keys out one by one and clean them but just in case what you have to do is first and foremost take a picture of the keyboard J
  • To take the keys out what you have to do is take a very thin piece of plastic or any card or even a tooth pick and gently insert it underneath the upper part of the key.
  • Very gently just try to take the key out then you’ll hear a slight click. This means that the key is detached from the keyboard.
  • Now you can take the key out and clean underneath the key as well.
  • When you’re done cleaning and have to put back the keys what you have to do now is put the bottom part of the key first because it has a small hinge that will connect it to the keyboard.
  • Then you have to press it very gently and again you’ll hear a slight click and Voila! You’ve cleaned your key.
  • And lastly after cleaning all the keys make sure to wipe the surface again and make sure that there’s not any leftover debris or dust left on the keyboard.

MacBook Pro Keyboard


Keyboards are an essential part of not just our routines but also our laptops. In order to make them last as long as possible we have to clean them regularly to remove any oil left by our fingers or any dust or debris present on the keyboard. This will just make your device last longer and will also make it easier to work on while keeping it clean and more aesthetically appealing so that you can work comfortably all day long.