Inside Ebola

“I’m here because I love viruses”

Dr Ben Neuman introduces us to viruses at Cafe Scientifique

The May Cafe Scientifique saw Dr Ben Neuman from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading introduce us to the wonderful world of viruses.

Ben started by giving us an update on the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa and explained how Ebola is partitioned in tissues and transferred from person to person. He also provided a background to how it became prevalent in humans (apparently through eating uncooked bats! – Ozzy Osbourne beware)

Ben then answered questions from the audience both on Ebola and on viruses in general, explaining that they have been around much longer than us and that they are at the pinnacle of evolution (much more evolved than us).

He finished by offering a solution on how we could eradicate all viral diseases: We just each have to spend a year alone in a phone box in space without contact with each other and everybody on earth needs to do this otherwise it wont work.

You can read more about Dr Neuman’s research here