How to clean MacBook Pro Keyboard

Keyboards are one of the most essential devices when it comes to using a computer. This shows us how many times in a day we use our keyboard without even knowing it so of course what we use we have to take care of it as well because if we don’t then it will just become filthier and filthier as we go. Because we’ve been there when we’re eating on our desk and after that we see bread crumbs etc. on the keyboard. No one wants that yeah! In this article today I’ll be talking about how to clean your MacBook Pro Keyboard.If you are not using mac and still want a pro level mechanical keyboard then getting TKL mechanical keyboard is advised by experts from here


  • So first thing’s first you have to shut down your laptop so that when you clean no keys are pressed unnecessarily.
  • Then clean the surface of the Keyboard. You can do this with a small sponge or a piece of a cloth but do it slowly and gently and be sure not to damage any keys.
  • Now if you really have to clean under the keys then do it otherwise don’t because it will take a lot of time and effort.
  • If you have to then what you have to do is think how you want to do this!
  • I would suggest that take the keys out one by one and clean them but just in case what you have to do is first and foremost take a picture of the keyboard J
  • To take the keys out what you have to do is take a very thin piece of plastic or any card or even a tooth pick and gently insert it underneath the upper part of the key.
  • Very gently just try to take the key out then you’ll hear a slight click. This means that the key is detached from the keyboard.
  • Now you can take the key out and clean underneath the key as well.
  • When you’re done cleaning and have to put back the keys what you have to do now is put the bottom part of the key first because it has a small hinge that will connect it to the keyboard.
  • Then you have to press it very gently and again you’ll hear a slight click and Voila! You’ve cleaned your key.
  • And lastly after cleaning all the keys make sure to wipe the surface again and make sure that there’s not any leftover debris or dust left on the keyboard.

MacBook Pro Keyboard


Keyboards are an essential part of not just our routines but also our laptops. In order to make them last as long as possible we have to clean them regularly to remove any oil left by our fingers or any dust or debris present on the keyboard. This will just make your device last longer and will also make it easier to work on while keeping it clean and more aesthetically appealing so that you can work comfortably all day long.

5 common computer problems & their solutions

There is not much more bothersome in lifestyle than focusing on a computer just for this to become unresponsive or throw an error message. Whenever your computer stops responding — also called”crashing”– it may lead to you losing the time of effort.

To start with, as soon as your PC does experience a mistake, the subsequent error message (if a person appears) can oftentimes be filled with jargon that does not describe in plain English what went wrong. This will make figuring out exactly what occurred hard, particularly if you’re not used to using computers.

To make matters simpler, we have assembled this guide about the most frequent computer problems, and how to repair each one. It’s also wise to have a look at our selection of the ideal system fix software which will be able to enable you to fix these problems efficiently.Below are the mentioned only some errors there are other big errors as if antimalware service executable taking up memory these type of errors are also easy to solve do not take too much time

1. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Even the blue screen of death‘ is still among the very recognizable computer mistakes that could happen, and if you’ve used a PC there is a fantastic likelihood that you may have struck a blue screen of death error currently.

What generally happens is that your PC will become unresponsive for a couple of seconds, then the screen will turn completely blue along with an error message (that is sometimes entirely indecipherable) will look. Your PC will then restart, and even if you are lucky you will not have lost an excessive amount of effort.

While the title’blue screen of death’ started as a small joke, it still hints at how frightening this error message could be. If you receive a blue screen of death with no saving your job, the consequent reboot of your PC can force you to eliminate any changes you have made to a record.

Though a blue screen of death mistakes is just one-offs, the majority of the time they’re a sign that there is something wrong with your PC, also there is a range of reasons why you might find a blue screen of death error. Failing hardware, corrupt software, missing DLL files or problems with drivers may be the principal problems


The best way to repair a blue screen of death error will fluctuate based on which caused it to look. If the blue screen of death error arises you ought to observe a code. Instantly note down that, then type it into Google (or another search engine of your choice). You will hopefully discover that other individuals have encountered the same error and have submitted the way they repaired it.

The fantastic thing is that in Windows 10, Microsoft has left the blue screen of death error message much more useful. For a start, it is no bluer — it is green. There’ll also be a QR code that’s displayed together with the error message. Utilize your smartphone to scan the QR code and you ought to be taken to a page that will clarify the error message more detail, and provide ideas for the best way best to repair it.

2. Windows is slow to boot up

Even a slow-booting PC is just one of the very common — and annoying — computer problems you may encounter. Fortunately, it is also among the simplest to repair. There are lots of reasons why the PC is going to have a very long time to load up but the most frequent reason is that there’ll be too many apps seeking to load up at the background when Windows starts.

You will see when you put in a new app it places itself load when you log in to Windows. Even though this can occasionally be helpful, as a way those apps open quickly once you want them when too many try to start up after it may slow down your PC to a crawl. The simplest way to repair this problem is to recognize exactly what applications are already loading up when Windows starts and disable any programs which you don’t require.

To do so open the Task Manager from Windows 10 by pressing CTRL + Shift + Esc on your computer. From the Task Manager window, then click the’Start-up’ tab on the peak of the window. This lists all of the programs and apps that load when Windows 10 starts up. If that is a very long record, that is going to be the reason for your PC being sluggish to boot up.

From the Task Manager, you will see the title of this program followed by the writer, it’s standing along with the start-up effect. If it states”High” from the’Start-up impact’ column, then the app is slowing down Windows 10’s bootup rate. In the event, you do not require the program to load when Windows starts, then tap on its entrance and choose’Disable’. This will avoid the program from loading when Windows 10 starts.

Bear in mind, this does not mean that you won’t have the ability to use the program if you require it, it merely means that it does not interfere with Windows. Hopefully, quickening a range of those programs will make a noticeable difference for the time it requires for Windows 10 to load.

If you realize that your PC remains slow to boot up, there might be other issues impacting it. By way of instance, you might choose to check you have the newest upgrades and drivers installed for the hardware. Should you truly wish to give your PC a rate increase when it has to do with boot-up times, then you might choose to consider installing an SSD on your PC and operating Windows 10 out of that. An SSD (Solid State Drive) is a far quicker drive compared to a classic hard drive and installing Windows 10 onto you can make a massive difference to how quickly it boots.

3. The software will not install

Another frequent computing problem that lots of men and women face is software not installing. The most important reason for this is the lack of hard drive space. If your hard drive is now complete, it can signify that you’re not able to put in new software. If that is the situation, then you will have to do a little bit of spring cleaning.

To start with, it is possible to delete any big files you no longer desire. Open File Explorer and navigate into a Downloads folder. This folder frequently holds lots of big files that you no longer desire, so don’t hesitate to delete some big files from that point.

You might also free up hard drive space by entering any software which you no further use. From the search box at the Taskbar (that is the bar that runs across the base of your screen at Windows 10) type in”uninstall”, click ‘Add or remove programs’. Scroll down the list of apps that are exhibited and click on any that you no longer desire. A button will start stating’Uninstall’. Click on it to remove the application from the PC.

Sometime softwares do not get installed due to high memory usage in the task manager there are several reasons for high memory usage like windows modules installer worker.A lot of people ask how can i disable windows modules installer worker ? it is easy to disable it

You might even get Windows 10 to wash your hard drive to you. In the search box of their taskbar, type in”disk cleanup” then press return on your computer. In the window that appears, choose the drive which you would like to wash up. This is going to be the C: drive, that is really where Windows 10 and also the vast majority of the apps will be set up. Click on’, also Windows 10’s Disk Clean-up instrument to scanning your drive and discover files that you may safely delete to free up disk space. In the window that appears you are going to see just how much distance you may save on your hard drive. Tick the box beside every type of document which you would like to remove then click on’.